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Ryans Work Frogeye Sprite And Sunbeam Alpine

fogeye-spriteThe Austin Healey Frog Eye Sprite has to be one of the most cheerful looking cars ever made. That said it is something of a Marmite car. Some people love them, while others are not, shall we say, so keen. Flowing curves and that open mouthed smile seem to divide opinion. Whatever side of the fence you settle there is no doubt they are indeed a design classic.

It was the curves of the wings that challenged our Creative Classics apprentice during May. Ryan would need a wide range of skills to successfully complete the task. To start the metal would need to be shaped by wheeling.

‘Experience is the biggest teacher,’ Creative Classics boss Darren tells. “It’s difficult to start with to get the lines straight, distortions out and the shape absolutely original.”

Ryan wheeled the metal to shape, edged and stitch welded the parts together. The result were two perfect Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite wings.


Austin Healey Frogeys Sprite Wings

Sunbeam Alpine Floor Panels

May was a busy month for Ryan taking on new projects. Creative Classics have a wide variety of patterns for classic cars including the Sunbeam Alpine. An order for new floor panels was received and Ryan undertook the task to create them. Using traditional crafting techniques of swaging, folding and forming metal along with spot welding and gas welding, he recently passed as part of his college course, the Sunbeam Alpine floor panels were finished to the highest standard.

Sunbeam Alpine Floor Panel