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Aluminium bonnet and door for an Alfa

Alfa GTA Race Car

GTA has come in now as the season is at rest. Giving us time to make and fit some really light weight, only 1mm Aluminum. Doors and bonnet and made this way.  
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Yamaha V-max Petrol Tanks

Over the years we have been asked a number of times to make fuel tanks for motorbikes and we have made tanks for classic bikes, modern bikes and even prototype bikes. Hear are a couple of pictures of a tank that we make for the Yamaha V-max to give it extra capacity. We make one old s
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1965 1600 Alfa GTA Corsa Ex-Stahlberg racing car AR613834-1

A 1965, 1600 GTA Corsa Ex-Stahlberg racing car – AR613834

This car has an amazing history with the car being a race car for all of its life to date. In its first 10 years it raced 118 times with 41 class wins and 12 outright victories. Its most successful year was in 1974 when the driver Dieter Meyer won the German touring car championship w
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Mark Welsh Joins The Creative Classics Team

We’re really happy to announce that Mark Welch has joined the team at Creative Classics. His wealth of experience and ability to manufacture the bodywork panels for classic vehicles to the highest standards makes him an asset to the Creative team. Here is the Healey 3000 Sebring
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Alfa GTA Bonnet – Ryan’s First One

March has been a busy month as Ryan continues to develop the skill set he needs as part of his apprenticeship at Creative Classics. A task undertaken this month by Ryan was to produce a bonnet for an Alfa GTA specifically for track racing. Weight and strength are even more important 
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Ryan Keeps Traditional Craft Alive

Creative Classics have extensive knowledge and experience in creating classic car body panels. It takes many years of practice to master the skills necessary to create the perfect classic car body panel. Wanting to keep these traditional manufacturing practices alive Creative Classics
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Creative Classics Are Now Social

There’s more than one way to keep up to date, ask questions, follow a project and share information about Creative Classics. We are now on Facebook and Twitter and invite you to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Follow’ us here and let us know your thought
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