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Ryan’s Work – February Update

Ryan has taken here some standard Alfa GTA bonnet hinges and modified them to full racing specification by drilling multiple holes of varying sizes very accurately to lighten the part by as much as possible without losing to much strength.


Here Ryan is using a skill called jig chasing where he has to form sheet metal over a solid jig using hammers and various formers called chasers to achieve complex and tight details. Here he is doing just that on a Triumph Stag rear deck panel.


Here is the finished part finished to a very high standard of craftsmanship.


Ryan has manufactured some Volvo P1800 Fuel filler flaps from scratch again demonstrating some very detailed skilled work as all components including the hinges are fabricated from a flat sheet of metal.


We really pushed Ryan on these Sunbeam Alpine front wings as the level of skill required to make these is to a very high standard but he coped very well and only needed a very small amount of help to create these panels.

The shapes that require wheeling in these panels are far more complex, the shape is what we call in the trade, a return shape and requires a very good understanding of metal forming as this is stretched in the wheeling machine upside down. It also has a weld running the full length of the panel which was done on our stitch welder but still requires to be metal finished along the full length this demands that the metal worker has good feel to get the panel level ready for body filing.