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The Alfa Feeling

After a recent visit to Creative Classics by Finbar O’Driscoll he enjoyed a trip out in our rebuilt Alfa GTA/R so much he penned the following poem.

GTA-R Build -18BLITZ

A flash of white, greenery vanishes While hedges fly by
As the kick of power
Hammers the courageous duo
Into sculptured seating,
Exhaust rasp from eager twin-cam
Pierces the quiet pastoral calm –
Lord! how we gain on traffic,
But superb control and safety first
Keep us on even keel. Further on, a roundabout,
Then back again on quiet country roads
To savour that howling power plant
And the solid grounded feel
Of rubber planted firmly on tarmac
As we, slower now, renegotiate
The lanes once more,
Returning to base,
Exhilarated, buoyant, rejuvenated!