Creative Classics - Highest Quality Classic Car Panels

Creative Classics are the company specialising in the creation of body panels of the most iconic names in English, French and Italian motoring including Ferrari, Jaguar and the classic Aston Martin.

Creative Classics give collectors and enthusiasts a place to come for tool making for classic car parts. Working on some of the finest, rarest and, often, the most valuable vehicles in the world, we always strive to produce results of the very highest quality. Creative Classics employs a skilled team of classic car tool makers, body builders, panel beaters, wing makers, and bumper manufacturers who are skilled in working aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and magnesium alloy.

The team at Creative Classics have the expertise required to simply and effectively craft a tool for the reproduction of classic panels leaving you with a car which is as good as new, and retains its classic style and prestige charm. We fastidiously restore to original specification where appropriate on historically important cars or upgrade to client requirements.

We research the classic car often going back to the original blueprints, procuring measurements We are proud of the many significant and historic cars we have restored and are currently restoring. View our projects of body panels to see just some of the projects we have undertaken.